Discover interesting Wikipedia articles around you

Find hidden points of interest around you

Wikiscope is an app that helps you retrieve a list of Wikipedia articles near your current location and see their relative distance to you

View the articles on the 2D map too

Wikiscope shows you 2D map with the nearest places with their Wikipedia articles. So you can see articles tagged near your location.

Tap an article to find out more

Perhaps you’ve always wondered about that monument you pass during your commute home, been curious about an architecturally interesting building, or simply wanted a to-do list while traveling. Now Wikiscope app can surface those for you.

How It Works

Open the app

Using your location it will find articles near you and also articles near the article you’re currently reading.

Point your camera

Drop a pin on a map so you can see articles tagged near your current location.

Read the article

Simply single tap an entry to read the article, or long-press an entry to open in map view.

Get Wikiscope for yourself